Adventure Fuji

There are trekking courses for activities up in the trees,
trail courses where you can dash through the forest on a mountain bike,
and camping sites where you can stay overnight in the middle of nature.
It is a place where everyone from children to adults can play to their heart's content in the great outdoors at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Experience Forest 
Adventure Fuji

When you click the map to play the video, the 360 degree video will be played.
By tilting the smartphone or swiping the video with your finger, you can change the viewpoint and enjoy the video.
Play in the attractions in the trees, ride mountain bikes through the forest, and stay in the forest until morning. Why don't you move your body and have some serious fun in the forest once in a while? Our staff will support you in an extraordinary experience that is different from usual! We are looking forward to seeing you! Let's go on an adventure in the forest!
Forest Adventure Fuji 
All the staff

Recommended Point

Forest Adventure Fuji allows you to enjoy and play in the forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
We will introduce recommended sights and points.
Play in the majestic forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji
Reopening on April 22, 2023 in the area at the foot of majestic Mt. Fuji!
This is an outdoor park that coexists with nature, where you can move your body and have fun in the great outdoors.
Beginners are welcome!
We welcome children and adults, individuals and groups, and first-time visitors. Our trained staff will explain everything in an easy-to-understand manner so that everyone can enjoy it!
Can be used safely and securely
The trekking course on the tree can be experienced safely using a harness. Our staff will also set up your mountain bike for the trail course.
Enjoy the forest to the fullest!
After playing in the forest, you can stay overnight in the forest. Experience a peaceful time unique to the forest.
Even people with no camping experience, women, and children can stay with peace of mind!

Access Map

6662-1 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301
・10 minutes from Chuo Expressway [Kawaguchiko IC]
・8 minutes from Higashi Fuji Goko Road [Fujiyoshida IC]
・45 minutes from Tomei Expressway [Gotenba IC]
・60 minutes from Shin-Tomei Expressway [Shin-Fuji IC]
・As the area around our facility has the same address over a wide area, we recommend searching by name on Google Maps.
Forest Adventure Fuji
"Trek course" where you can experience 91 activities at 11 sites
Business hours: 9:00-15:30 (last reception)
*Closed in winter (mid-December to late March/depending on weather conditions)
Terms of use
・1st grade elementary school student or above, height 110cm or more, weight up to 100kg
・Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 18.
・Junior high school students and high school students under the age of 18 do not need a guardian to accompany them on the course, but they must be supervised from the ground.
・Each person over the age of 18 can bring up to 3 children.
trek course
・Flat rate for adults and children: 60 minutes: ¥3,000/person
・Flat rate for adults and children: 90 minutes: ¥4,000/person
・Flat rate for adults and children: 120 minutes: ¥5,000/person
Excite course (for those lacking in thrills)
・Optional fee: +¥1,200/person
*Height 140cm or above, or 4th grade or above, weight up to 100kg
Zip trip course (100m & 150m long zip slide experience)
・Flat rate for adults and children: ¥1,500/person
・Laser tag (a safe survival game where you shoot each other with infrared light)
・1 game 20 minutes
Use of Laser Tag only ¥1,500/person
Athletic and campsite users: ¥1,000/person
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Forest Adventure Fuji website
Trail Adventure Fuji
"Trail course" where everyone from beginners to experienced players can play MTB
Business hours: 9:00am - sunset (10:00am - in winter)
*Depends on weather conditions.
*The event will be canceled if there is heavy rainfall or poor conditions. note that.
Terms of use
・Able to ride a vehicle safely
・Parents accompanying their child on foot may accompany the child on the course free of charge.
Course usage fee
・2 hours: ¥2,500/person (including safety training)
・Run bike usage 1.5 hours: ¥1,500/person (including safety training)
Rental fee
・Mountain bike: ¥2,300/person
・Electrically assisted mountain bike: ¥3,800/person
・Electric motorbike: ¥3,800/person
・Helmet: ¥1,000/person
・Run bike: ¥1,000/person (with helmet)
*You may also bring your own bicycle.
*It is mandatory to wear a helmet and gloves when driving.
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Trail adventure website
A campsite where people with no camping experience, women, and children can safely stay in the forest.
Business Hours Administration Building (8:00-18:00, Saturdays 8:00-20:00) *Subject to change in winter.
*Please be careful of the weather.
・Administration building (reception, rental)
・Sanitary building (shower room, toilet, diaper changing table, powder room, changing room)
・Kitchen building (sink with hot water supply, garbage station, ash dump)
・Square (you can play moluk etc.)
・Tent site (42 sections without auto site power supply, 5 sections with power supply)
・trailer house
It varies depending on the usage and season. Please check the website for details.
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& GREEN campsite website


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